Why you should come to OneLife LA

Roots of change come through the most unlikely causes. Throughout history culture has been transformed by the ragtag rebels, the dark horses, the Davids facing Goliath. Unlikely movements sprout in spite of formidable establishments and mark history with their cause. Despite overwhelming opposition or hostility, the fervency of their beliefs and their trust in God prevail over unlikely odds to bring what seems impossible to fruition.

We see how the dreams of one peaceful man, Martin Luther King Jr., enlivened the hopes and efforts of many to march for the dignity of the African American community. It happened in Communist Poland when a mere 9 day encounter with St. John Paul II animated a resistance to the Soviet government that eventually overturned communism. We witnessed how the exhaustive efforts of one tiny nun in Calcutta animated many to empty themselves in service for the marginalized.

OneLife LA is our generation’s movement. We will be remembered for perpetuating a culture of life. Our culture is being told one skewed perspective about the dignity of life, and it is paramount that we declare the truth about the value of life at every stage. There is nothing more valuable, nothing more sacred, nothing more beautiful, and nothing more attacked today.

Change must happen.

Civil rights leader and theologian, Howard Thurman said, “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

We may not be able to change the culture by our words, laws, or proselytizing, but we can hope to change the world by who we are. The world’s balm will come as groups of joyful people who disarm opposition with their love and service. It will come through an authentic encounter with people who are pro-life because they are motivated by the beauty of each person’s inherent dignity and not the antagonism they feel for the opposing movement. In short, we will witness to life’s beauty and inherent dignity by living life beautifully.

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