What to wear to OneLife LA!

When choosing the perfect ensemble for OneLifeLA 2016 you should ask several questions: Do I own any OneLifeLA apparel that I should be wearing? Will I be sampling ample amounts of ketchup/ranch/BBQ-sauced cuisine from one of the delicious food trucks this year (Tide sticks will not be available)? Are my clothes flexible enough for all the dance moves I plan to bust out while Trios Ellas and Alexander Acha are playing?

And this year, there is one more consideration to make: the weather.

While it’s no blizzard warning or 0 degree weather like that of our dear marching friends in Washington D.C., California will be experiencing its own version of a cold front on Saturday. There will be some light drizzling in the morning, but the sun be out soon after with temperatures around 62 degrees. So, this weekend, think light layers to easily swap cords for jorts and flannels for tanks, and get ready to walk, dance, sing, eat, with maybe just a few clouds overhead. We look forward to seeing you there.

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