Survival Against the Odds: OneLife LA speaker Brandi Moore continues her fight for the adopted

Six years ago, 17-year-old Brandi Moore lay in a hospital bed after a 30 foot fall over a highway overpass onto concrete; an unsuccessful attempt at suicide. The woman who had found her sat in a chair beside Moore in the hospital. When Moore woke, the woman handed her a teddy bear smiling brightly and whispered, “You are a miracle.”

Those four words shifted Moore’s perspective on life forever.

Moore’s father left before she was even born. From her earliest years, Moore’s mother was verbally, emotionally, and physically abusive. At nine years old, black and blue, Brandi was placed in foster care and moved to over 25 homes within seven years. But the foster homes weren’t any better. Brandi remembers one foster mother forcing her to bathe outside so she wouldn’t use the house bath.

By age 17 she had been in five different high schools and juvenile detention four times; she was suffering severe depression. Life seemed to have no value, so she decided to end it. But things didn’t go according to plan.

“March 17, 2010 changed my life. That day woke me up and made me realize that I’m on this earth for a reason, “Moore said. “That day made me realize that I have a purpose and I just had to figure it out.”

Six years later, Moore stood in front of a crowd of over 20,000 at OneLife LA 2015 touting the significance and value of human life. Moore’s entire existence has been a glimmering lesson in the miracle of life, survival against the odds, and the power of redemptive suffering.

“The definition of survival is to continue to push through life in spite of what you’re going through. Take your pain as an opportunity to grow, to achieve, and succeed,” Moore said. “I learned to value my life because of people around me who valued me.”

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