Dr. José Villela

José Villela is a Mexican doctor, that while doing his residency was involved in  a car accident that changed his life forever. After a garbage truck fell from a second floor of a principal avenue in Mexico City  to his car, he lost mobility and sensitivity in much of his body. However, in the midst of adversity, he has been able to find and develop the truly important aspects of human existence; emphasizing the value of life, the sense of adversity and the potential for transcendence that each one of us inherently keeps.

He concluded his specialty in Psychiatry in 2016 at the National Institute of Psychiatry and his testimony has left a mark on thousands of people throughout the country.

He is currently a Paralympic swimmer with international qualification S2, ranked in the top 10 of his category, his specialty being the backstroke  style. Today he practices Psychiatry providing medical attention, teaching and research.

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