Relive the Memory of OneLife LA 2016

January 23rd 2016 was a day to be remembered. It was a day where thousands of feet pounded the pavement of downtown LA and many arms waved banners in a hopeful, united voice for life. A day where dozens of charitable organizations pitched tents together to celebrate the sanctity of life as a collective of love. A day where strangers from every socio-economic background danced salsa together and sang at the top of their lungs with Alexander Acha. It was the type of day where you really believe that change is possible, and that the value of life will someday be seen.

But what about today? After OneLife LA 2016 have you returned to the normal, every day grind of life? Because it is in our everyday lives that we are called to carry the message of OneLife. In the midst of our daily commutes, coffees, and conversations we transmit the beauty and dignity of every human life. You see the homeless person on the street, your family member facing a difficult pregnancy, your friend struggling to make ends meet. How do you respond?

We have to communicate the importance of life at all times. Not only in the moments where great numbers walk at an event, but in those small moments each day where you encounter an opportunity to talk with a co-worker, gently message a friend on Facebook, or do a small act of kindness to someone in need.

Today, light the fire again. Get inspired! Watch our highlight reel to remember the message, the speakers who motivated you and the 20,000 proud believers who marched by your side. Remember the spirit of the day, and carry it with you always.

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