Love and the Outcome

Singer/songwriter Jodi King and her husband, bassist Chris Rademaker, know the feeling of watching the sun set in California. The duo, known as Love & The Outcome, set out to recreate the feeling of that unforgettable setting on These Are The Days, their long-awaited sophomore effort. "There's something about California," Jodi says. "These songs just felt like a sunset there. It felt like dust, like a desert, so we knew this where we needed to start making the record."

It was in 2013 that Love & The Outcome debuted their self-titled album with Word Records, and they soon became a mainstay at Christian radio. They toured all over the U.S. and Canada, sharing the stage with artists such as Newsboys, Switchfoot, Lecrae, TobyMac, Jeremy Camp and Francesca Battistelli. But to get there, Jodi and Chris had to walk through a spiritual desert. Yet after many painful stops in their journey, they felt the pull to keep going. They relocated to Nashville from Canada, bought a house, had their first child, and got back on the road.

As they navigate life as new parents with a growing music career, they're learning to live in the moment, trust God and rest in His peace, no matter where the road leads. They sing on title track: "Don't want to miss, miss / The moment slip away / It's a gift, a gift / Every breath we take …. Yesterday is gone / Tomorrow may not come / We're only given one chance to live."

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