Los Angeles is suffering from a homeless epidemic.  Government, big companies and larger organizations have been unable to stop the growing number of homeless or even serve the existing homeless we have in our city.  Even here at SOFESA we have recently been unsuccessful at the efforts we have put forth. After serving our homeless brothers and sisters for 20 years, we had to shut down our Emergency Outreach Program in order to come up with a better model of care for our families in need.  What we did before was no longer working.


SOFESA believes that in order to solve the BIG problem of homelessnesss, we need to think SMALL.  Our founder and director, Jess Echeverry, knows firsthand what it means to be homeless. Not only homeless, but under age, pregnant and homeless.  So what worked? How did she make it out?




One person at a time joined together with another person or family who is willing to walk the journey from homelessness to healed.  It may sound radical or impossible, but in the example of Jesus Christ, that is just what we are about to set out to do. Realizing that the Church has responded to people in need for thousands of years, we feel that going back to that model of care is what will initiate a movement that will help solve the epidemic.