OneLife Locks

For those who grew up with Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women one scene will be remembered as particularly tragic. Jo’s haircut. When the lead character sells her hair in exchange for money, her sisters gasp in horror and exclaim, “Jo! This was your one beauty!”

Long silky tresses and shiny thick manes– these are the heads esteemed by many today. Like Jo’s sister, we see them as our marks of beauty. OneLife LA offers the opportunity to value a different kind of beauty: the inherent dignity of each person.

As Blessed Mother Teresa said, “Intense love does not measure…it just gives.”

OneLife LA invites you to make a special donation. A salon booth will be cutting hair to make wigs for children suffering from cancer or other medical hair loss. Please consider joining others in this remarkable act of love.

This January 23rd, let’s be truly beautiful in our walking, praying, serving, and celebrating to witness to others the power of what it is we believe and celebrate.

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