Choosing love is radical. Supporters of life know this. We know there is nothing simple and easy about choosing life when extenuating circumstances, unknown risk, or possible suffering are involved. These things can make even being a supporter of life controversial or open to dissenting opinion. This year’s OneLife LA celebration occurs during uncertain times in our community. We have been told by city officials and law enforcement that many different groups will be in downtown LA next weekend because of the presidential inauguration and many will be there to demonstrate or protest.

As a result, we have made the last-minute decision to move OneLife LA to Exposition Park. It is important to us that OneLife LA remain a family-friendly event, and a positive life-affirming celebration. In light of this, we have decided that remaining clear of any protests will allow us the freedom to have an event truly celebrating God’s gift of life, and we know OneLife LA 2017 is going to be a huge success!

Known for its agricultural beauty and sprawling gardens, Exposition Park is the perfect space to meet the needs of our ever-growing OneLife LA numbers. Getting to OneLife LA has never be easier with one major Metro stop (USC Expo Trousdale Station – USC/Expo stop) that drops you off within blocks of the event. Parking lots on every street surrounding the venue are available, just remember to bring cash!

We don’t want a single person to miss out on OneLife LA 2017. That’s why we need your help. SPREAD THE WORD to your friends, school and church, and make sure that everyone knows where they should be January 21st. We couldn’t be more excited to see you, to stand beside Martin Luther King Blvd just days after Martin Luther King Day and to follow in the footsteps of those who stood peaceably for justice to choose love. And we need everybody’s footsteps.

FAQ’s on the Location Change:

Where is OneLife LA on January 21st, 2017?

Exposition Park. It’s beautiful, historic and very easy to get to! Metro drops you off just around the corner at the USC/Expo (Trousdale) stop on the Expo Line, parkings lots are all over (cash only!). We’ll be right in front of the Coliseum, where the 1984 Olympic Games were held and Pope Saint John Paul II celebrated mass.

The Requiem Mass is still taking place at 5 p.m. at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels.

Why has the location changed?

Just to bring you up to speed a little more on the recent venue change, we’ve only just been made aware – thanks to the collaboration and consultation with our city and law enforcement officials – that the original spot for OneLife LA in front of City Hall will be overflowing with various other groups holding non-permitted demonstrations before we even get there. Although we had permits and these other demonstrations aren’t directly related to OneLife LA, the safety of our attendees is our highest priority, and combined with increasing concerns about access and event setup we’ve moved the event to a nearby venue.

We’re excited to be holding OneLife LA 2017 at Exposition Park, offering us a convenient and easily accessible venue. We’ll be right in front of the Coliseum, where they 1984 Olympic Games were held and Pope Saint John Paul II celebrated mass.

As you can imagine, a decision like this is never taken lightly and we thank you for your understanding and flexibility. See on January 21st to affirm the beauty and dignity of every human life!

Why was it so last minute?

The response to the national situation has been escalating in recent weeks, so the increasing number of demonstrators in downtown LA have only come to light to law enforcement and city officials in recent days.

Does this send the wrong message to the demonstrators?

Our message is that OneLife LA is a celebration of the gift of every human life, and a celebration meant to be experienced in person! As you might know, the other demonstrations taking place in downtown LA are not directly related to OneLife LA. We are a family friendly event and we want to make sure that families travelling with children as well as our participants and attendees with special needs can have easy access to OneLife LA without worrying about safety.

Are we going to be in multiple locations?

All the events will start and end in front of the Coliseum on Christmas Tree Lane at Exposition Park. More details for the day of the event schedule are coming soon.

Where is bus drop off and pick up?

Bus Drop off and Pick Up will be in Parking Lot 2, see map above.

How do we communicate this change with the busses?

Bus captains are responsible for communicating with their bus drivers to drive directly to Parking Lot 2. Drop-off/parking/loading will all take place at a single location, making it simple!

How can we get to the Cathedral afterwards for the Requiem Mass at 5 p.m.? Will we be able to get to the mass in time? Where do the busses park?

There will be plenty of time to make it to the Cathedral, which is just 5 miles away, for mass at 5 p.m.

Can you tell us more about the new venue?

It’s beautiful, historic and very easy to get to! Metro drops you off just around the corner {ADD STOP from the event, parkings lots are all over (cash only!), and we’ll be right in front of the Coliseum, where they 1984 Olympic Games were held and Pope Saint John Paul II celebrated mass.

How can we get there?

  1. Take Metro! Use Expo Line and get off at Expo Park/USC (Trousdale Station) and walk around the corner to OneLife LA.
  2. Drive! Exposition Park is close to the 10 and 110 Freeways, and there are several parking lots surrounding the venue (all cash only!).

How can we help?

  1. Spread the word. Email your friends, share our posts on social media. Make sure everyone knows!
  2. Bring a friend! Let’s make this the biggest OneLife LA in history!
  3. Check out our community partners in advance so you’re ready to sign-up for a service project.
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