Historic Win for Life in California

SB 128, the bill that would legalize assisted suicide in CA, was pulled from the state Assembly this week due to lack of support, ending the bill’s chances this legislative session. We need your ongoing support to keep assisted suicide out of CA in the future.

Compassion and Choices, the group pushing suicide in CA, and over 20 other states around the country, believed they would have an easy win in CA.

What they did not count on was the groundswell of opposition from people around the state and from every community and viewpoint. Your voice, in defense of the elderly, sick, poor, and disabled upended the conversation around assisted suicide, forcing lawmakers to examine our serious concerns and understand the incredibly negative effects assisted suicide would have on our most vulnerable populations.

Thanks to your great work, Assembly member offices were flooded with calls and emails. One office reported calls from SB 128 opponents nine to one over those calling in favor!

This hard won defeat of SB 128 came at a high cost and the fight is not over just yet. Compassion and Choices has vowed to push assisted suicide in CA again next year through legislation, a ballot initiative, or both.

Let us continue our defense of human dignity and social justice!

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