Help People Affected by Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey has brought disaster to Texas, and those affected are in desperate need of help and hope. Every contribution, big or small, can help make a difference.

How can I help?

Contact your loved ones in Texas

Make sure to give a call to your friends and family members who live in Texas to see how you can help them. Your phone call will also help support them through this tough time.

If you don’t have any loved ones living in Texas, ask your friends if you can help anyone they know in need. You can help through them!

Send your prayers

Whatever faith you profess, keep those affected by the hurricane in your prayers — even consider extra sacrifices for hope and healing.

Give a donation

To find legitimate organizations that are contributing to the cause, you can visit charity navigator to see which organizations are helping, but we recommend you send your donations through the Knights of Columbus, Catholic Charities or American Red Cross websites.

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