Come share your greatness at OneLife LA!

Even a quick glance at today’s headlines shows a world in great need of heroes. From Hollywood to Washington, DC, those we look to for leadership and innovation are falling short of the mark and leaving many people seeking elsewhere for inspiration.

The great news is that anyone can be a hero, and anyone can change the world! Being members of the human community means that written in our hearts is the desire to help those in need. We are all made for greater things!

One lesson the world needs to re-learn quickly is that we are all brothers and sisters; we are all in this together. So, when tragedy strikes one of us, it is up to the rest of us to come together to provide support and help rebuild. We had outstanding examples of these everyday heroes this summer as hurricanes, earthquakes and wildfires left families stranded and people in need. The human kindness on display was overwhelming and a powerful force for good in our world.

We invite you to join tens of thousands of people at our fourth annual OneLife LA Saturday, January 20, 2018 to be part of a new community of people committed to building a culture that celebrates every human life! This year we affirm that each person is “made for greater”! Some are made for greater courage to forge a new path. Others are made for greater peace to offer calm in the storm. Still others are made for greater love and give of themselves above and beyond. What is the “greater” that you have been made for? What do you offer as an inspiration to the world?

Amazing speakers at OneLife LA 2018 will share their stories of greatness. The greater joy and perseverance and faithfulness they possess that has allowed them to overcome obstacles and be forces for good in the world, changing the situation of people with Down syndrome, finding forever homes for children in foster care, being a voice for victims of human trafficking, and lifting people out of gangs to a new life.

What is your great contribution to the world? Where will your greatness take you?

Consider this your personal challenge. Your personal invitation to greatness! Join your greater gifts with those around you to be of great help to those in need right in our own communities. Your great work not only builds real solutions and real hope for those in need, your great witness calls others to share their greatness too! We are all made for greater things! Come share your greatness at OneLife LA!

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