The Best Signs at OneLife LA 2017!

When OneLife LA participants come to celebrate life they don’t mess around. They come equipped with heartfelt messages, homemade signs, and compelling t-shirts to communicate their motivation for choosing love. We snapped some pics of the best signs and shirts at OneLife LA 2017. Take a look and get some inspiration for next year. And to those on this list we want to thank you for bringing something special to OneLife LA and for:

Sharing your survival story:

Representing true feminism:

Reminding the world what truly exists at conception:

Being vulnerable and showing us we need to fight abortion as much for the mothers it hurts as the babies.

Putting a face on the issue.

Reminding us who else gets hurt by abortions.

Demanding more from our government.

Covering all the life issues.

Being a new kind of life guard.

Speaking truth.

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