October 13, 2020

The Joy of Life!


2020 may just be the most outrageous year ever! Last January, we gathered in LA State Historic Park for the 6th annual OneLife LA as one family equipped for one mission—to transform the world! Soon after, we realized that this year would be more challenging than any we had yet encountered.

Our world today has different needs, and so our mission must adapt. We invite you to join us for OneLife LA 2021 on Saturday, January 23 as we share the joy of life!

It is easy during this time to lose hope. Many people are. There is great suffering in our world, large and small. We don’t seem able to catch a break this year—a worldwide pandemic, civil unrest, a contentious political season, extreme wildfires. We are seeing families in crisis, mental illness soaring, and there is no end in sight.

Where, we ask, is the joy in life?

The good news is that there is never a shortage of joy if you know how to find it in the very gift of life itself! This year requires us to go back to the basics and recognize that our life is gift, and that is the greatest joy of all!

All throughout this year, as restaurants and movie theaters remain closed, as our churches and schools are off-limits, the OneLife LA team at the Archdiocese of Los Angeles has been working with our partners in the community to bring joy to thousands.

This year, we have a new mission. We will gather in downtown LA for OneLife LA. We will ALSO bring the joy of life home to evangelize our neighborhoods. Our joy will be contagious! Together, we can transform the world, even now. Especially now.

In the name of our OneLife LA family—all those who attend our annual events, participate in service all year long, and keep us in prayer—we have been bringing joy to the elderly, pregnant mamas, families and the homeless throughout this pandemic. All in your name!

In the coming months, the OneLife LA team will share many more stories of joy. All to inspire you to spread joy in your own home and in your own neighborhood.

OneLife LA 2021 invites people to join us for a procession through the streets of downtown LA on Saturday, January 23. We will also offer an online event for those who choose not to join in person. And, EVERYONE, whether you attend in person or watch online, will be challenged to bring the joy of life to people you encounter in big and small ways.

We invite you to share in the joy of life! Even when things seem dark or hopeless or you feel helpless. You have been created out of love and with a purpose given to no one else! That is the foundation of our joy!

This year, we are taking joy to the neighborhoods. We invite you to join us to share the joy! Help us share the message of OneLife LA and celebrate the beauty and dignity of every human life! Together we can overcome the polarization created by our politics and the division created by racial injustice. We can welcome every new child and help every family to thrive! We can share the gifts that we have, even if all we have is a smile and a kind word.

Sharing the joy of life is a way of life. We invite you to join us on this journey and share the joy!

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