December 17, 2019

Speaker Series: Gia Chacón


Gia Chacón balances a controversial career in pro-life work with a respected career in humanitarian aid, but she isn’t fazed by her unusual path. In fact, Gia wants other young people to know that following your life’s calling is important—no matter the cost.

“I always like to emphasize to young people that they shouldn’t be afraid to speak out and to live their calling,” she says. “I always want to encourage youth to be who God has called them to be.”

Every person’s voice is powerful, Gia says. “I encourage people to know the power of their voice—you never know your own ability to impact society, to impact one individual. You never know what God has in store for you, and how he might use your voice to save someone’s life.”

Gia’s work for both the humanitarian nonprofit Chesed for Humanity (her day job) and the pro-life nonprofit Bienvenido (her passion project) allows her to fulfill her early calling to work for change in society.

“From a young age, I was really passionate about abortion, raising awareness about the reality of abortion,” Gia says about her high school days when she first learned aboutabortion in the United States.

She was shocked by the prevalence and social acceptance of abortion since she was raised in a family and culture that valued life. “In Hispanic communities,” she says, “we recognize the unborn child as already a part of the family.”

OneLife LA 2020 will be Gia’s third consecutive time attending, but this time she will also get to share encouragement and insights about the pro-life message to everyone in attendance. 

Gia says there’s something special about OneLife LA because she’s seen first hand that the thousands of attendees become one voice by the end of the event—because of how obviously OneLife LA values each human life.

Whether Gia is working as a missions coordinator for a nonprofit that supports international crisis relief or working as the pro-life director of a nonprofit that promotes family values within the Hispanic community, Chacón says her aim is to be a voice.

“I think it’s important now more than ever that we raise our voices with truth and love in society,” Gia says, noting that the recent state legislation to restrict abortion makes it an important time in the pro-life movement. 

“I believe that coming together with a strong voice routed in love will have an impact on society,” she says, “And I see the pro-life movement overturning Roe v. Wade in the near future.”

She adds, “I feel a real sense of peace when we are marching. The energy at OneLife is so different from other rallies because the movement is so rooted in love.”

Meet Gia on Jan. 18 at OneLife LA when she co-hosts the speaker series with AJ Casillas! Both will share the Gospel message and personal stories in between introducing our wonderful keynote speakers!

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