September 24, 2019

Foster Care: Three things you didn’t know


Foster care began as a faith-based volunteer program

Charles Loring Brace, an American minister, is considered the father of modern foster care. In the mid 19th century, he found homes for children who had been living in orphanages and on the streets.

Rev. Brace wanted these children to grow up with both a good education and religion in families that were connected to a faith community.

We are grateful that our community partner FosterAll continues this great tradition of faith-based foster care. FosterAll is there to assist parents every step of the way, providing safe and loving homes for thousands of children who have been abused and neglected.

Most Foster Care children reunify 

Those considering foster care often worry it requires a lifelong commitment. However, most foster children in Los Angeles County reunify with their biological family.

In 2016, 7,613 children left foster care with more than 60 percent of these children being reunited with their biological family. Only 1,519 foster children entered legal guardianship.

Although fostering lasts for just days, weeks, or months, foster care children receive lifelong benefits from knowing that someone was willing to provide them with a soft place to land during a family crisis.

Foster children are destined for greatness

We know many celebrities who have spent some time or most of their childhood in foster care, including John Lennon, the singer who co-lead the Beatles; Nelson Mandela, the Nobel Peace Prize winner; and Eddie Murphy, the famous actor and comedian.

A safe home with loving parents is the best recipe for lifelong success.  Click here to learn more about FosterAll.

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