January 31, 2019

What are your “takeaways” from OneLife LA?


January has been a huge month for OneLife LA! We’ve celebrated big milestones like hosting our 5th annual event and met really great people who stood up and celebrated the dignity of all human life together. We’re looking forward to a great year in 2019 because OneLife LA is so much more than just one day.

These “takeaways” will continue to inspire us and inspire you to action in 2019!

Takeaway # 1: OneLife LA is about shining a light in the darkness.

Our speakers, musicians, and most importantly all of you that gathered with us at OneLife LA were celebrating life! OneLife LA is about joyful celebration, about shining a light in the darkness. It’s about being positive and proclaiming the beauty that is inherent in every human life.

Takeway #2: There are good people working every day to make our communities brighter!

Gathered at the event were our Community Partners who educated people on the good work they do in the community throughout the year. Our Community Partners explained their crucial work with foster children, the homeless, the sick, the elderly, pregnant women, grieving women and many more vulnerable persons.

Takeaway #3: There are 15,000+ people who are ready to build a civilization of love.

On January 19th, 15,000 people gathered for our 5th annual OneLife LA event. The crowd was incredible and the energy infectious! Folks from all walks of life came together to celebrate life! The whole atmosphere was electric. The incredible event showed just how many people are invested and determined to create a civilization of love!

Takeway #4: YOU can make a difference!

This is the biggest “takeaway” from our event. All the speakers and musicians brought home the point that YOU have the power to make a difference. In both small and big ways, we each have the capacity to make tomorrow a better place for each one of us.

What were your “takeaways” from OneLife LA? What did you learn?

While the OneLife LA event is over for now, the real work begins! Use the inspiration and the “takeaways” from our exciting event to inspire you in your everyday life — and mark your calendars NOW for next year’s OneLife LA on January 25th, 2020!

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