January 24, 2019

More than 15,000 people gathered for OneLife LA 2019!


OneLife LA was a success this past Saturday, January 19th, as this movement of love and unity continues to grow every year More than 15,000 people gathered to celebrate and promote the beauty and dignity of every human life. Armed with smiles and life-affirming signs, the joy and energy of the crowd was infectious.

ABC 7 aired drone footage of the excited crowds leading up to the event and reported that the day-long festivities continued through to the Requiem Mass for the Unborn and beyond to the young-adult after party.


In an interview, event-goer Robin Acosta was thrilled to be at the event with many others, saying, “We’re super excited to be here because there’s going to be so many lives that are saved! All those children that don’t have a chance — we’re the voice today!”

Angelus News also reported on the event, characterized by Archbishop Gomez as being about “the light, not the darkness. We believe in overcoming the evil that we see by the good that we do.”

The event began in the “birthplace” of the city, La Placita, which is a fitting start for an event that celebrates human  life at every stage.

Speakers and musicians inspired and energized the crowd. Global anti-bullying activist Lizzie Velasquez spoke frankly and openly about her relationship with God. Lizzie was born with a rare genetic disorder that caused her to be bullied. Inspired by her parents’  unquestioning love and support for her, Lizzie now doesn’t ask “Why God” but rather “What is the lesson?”

Former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson spoke about leaving the abortion industry. “For me, it’s been a journey of healing to know that the world is seeing me when I was at my worst but also gets to see my heart changing and the ultimate redemption through the grace of God,” said Johnson.

The day was a transformative experience for many and included people who had attended OneLife LA all five years and others who were joining in for the first time. Performers and attendees alike  witnessed to all of California the power of love!

Many of the news stories also highlighted OneLife LA’s ongoing commitment to their Community Partners. Get involved with these incredible organizations by visiting our Community Partners page here!

OneLife LA’s 6th annual event will be held on January 25, 2020!

Mark your calendars for this event that respects and cherishes every human  life. Please consider supporting this society-changing work by donating to OneLife LA. With your help, we can continue to encourage societal change to one that embraces, proclaims, and defends life!

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