January 22, 2019

OneLife LA — More than one day, it’s a movement


A HUGE thank you to everyone who gathered together on Saturday to celebrate and honor the beauty in every human life! By choosing to stand together as one, by declaring with one voice that all human life is sacred and worthy of dignity, we made a powerful statement to the whole world.

OneLife LA is more than just one day — the feelings of compassion, of empathy, of resolve and of love continue throughout the year when YOU decide to get involved with one of our many Community Partners.

We have the power to make significant change in our communities.

It is important to get connected with an organization that you care about. Maybe you heard a news story on human trafficking or you listened to Rick Smith’s story about raising a son with Down Syndrome or you connected with one of our Community Partners during the event — no matter what is motivating you, the important thing is to get involved! God grants each of us unique gifts — give your talents to an organization that needs them!

For example, are you bilingual? Offer your talents with By Your Side LA, a post-abortion ministry offered by the Archdiocese of LA and in need of bilingual volunteers. Or maybe you have space in your home and your heart to welcome foster children; connect with FosterAll, a faith-based foster program in LA.

This year, OneLife LA is pledging with you to make the is the most active, involved, and compassionate year yet. We’re going to continue giving back to our community and gathering people together through our collaborations with our Community Partners. They do works of mercy year-round for pregnant women, migrants, prisoners, the sick, the elderly, the homeless and the abused. Sign up for our newsletter so you can be connected with them!

One important way OneLife LA is working with other LA nonprofits to make a real impact, year-round, is through the LA Catholics Make An Impact initiative in LA, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. In 2019, our goal is increase volunteer engagement by doing 33 years worth of hours in one year because Jesus lived and served for 33 years.

Again, thank you SO much for coming out to OneLife LA. Our Saturday event was the kick-off to a year full of mercy, love and charity through our many Community Partners and LA Catholics Make An Impact.

You can join the movement today! Sign up for our newsletter so you can get involved in your community or consider supporting OneLife LA’s efforts by donating. OneLife LA relies on donations to be able to bring people together for the common goal of respecting human dignity and life.

Remember, it’s up to each and every one of us to commit to making our communities better places, day by day.

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