December 23, 2018

The Secret of Christmas


There is a secret, hidden message in Christmas. Behind all the wrapping paper and the cookies, there’s something about Christmas that many of us who celebrate it often forget. We sing carols and we host holiday parties, forgetting the fundamental secret of Christmas that shouldn’t be a secret at all.

The secret is...Christ came into this world for the salvation of all. ALL human life is sacred and Jesus became human for the salvation and redemption of us all. This is why we walk in January: to celebrate all human life in every form and status- from conception to natural death.

Christmas is a time to celebrate life- the way that Christ celebrated and cherished life in all forms and stages.  Whether or not you profess to be Christian, we can all agree that the fundamental teaching to “love your neighbor as yourself” has caused radical goodness for centuries.

Join us January 19th 2019 as we walk in celebration of all human life!


We are called to respond with support and love to the most vulnerable all year round, not just in this holiday season. But this season reminds us of the dignity of all persons, no matter their circumstances. The story at the core of this season makes us question ourselves: Where can we support pregnant women? How can we house the homeless? How can we welcome the migrants?

Respond to these questions. Welcome babies because no child is unwanted. Provide for the homeless because everyone deserves shelter. Advocate for the migrants because nothing about being human is illegal. Connect with our Community Partners who are carrying out this good work everyday. Donate your time, donate your resources, donate your voice.

Stand for the vulnerable by registering here for our fifth annual OneLife LA on January 19th, 2019. On behalf of all of us at OneLife LA, we wish you and yours a very merry Christmas.

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