November 8, 2018

Community Partner Highlight — FosterAll


OneLife LA is more than an amazing annual event. Every day of the year, we join with our Community Partners to do works of mercy in the community, reaching out to our brothers and sisters in greatest need. We look forward to introducing you to new and favorite organizations at our fifth annual OneLife LA event on January 19, 2019 — you can register here.

Throughout the last year, we have been proud to partner with FosterAll.

FosterAll is organization that walks with families and individuals considering foster parenting. They provide resources and support throughout the entire process to ensure that there is “a community for every parent” and “a parent for every child”. FosterAll’s approach is unique and effective. They recognize that some people are ready to jump into being a foster parent and others are hesitant, with lots of questions. FosterAll accompanies families from the first question through fostering and beyond, ensuring the best possible success for the foster family and the foster youth and providing hands-on services that promote great outcomes.

In LA County, there are over 30,000 children in the child welfare system, with 21% of these children under the age of 2.

Outcomes for foster youth who are not in a permanent home by the time they age-out at age 18 (or sometimes 21) are bleak. One-third will become homeless and one-fifth will be incarcerated. Foster children are the nation’s most vulnerable population; 70% of trafficked youth come from the foster care system.

The great news is that these outcomes change dramatically when foster youth are shown love and given a permanent home or cared for while they wait to be reunified with their families of origin. The blessing of loving foster families cannot be understated--lives are changed and entire communities benefit!

Thanks to the partnership with OneLife LA, in the past year alone, FosterAll has given 200 presentations and signed up 600 families in LA Archdiocese parishes.

In addition to recruiting foster families, FosterAll organizes events for youth living in group homes, provides school supplies and Christmas presents, organizes date nights and days out for foster parents, and so much more. There is something for everyone to do to help foster youth and foster families thrive!

To learn more about FosterAll visit their site here. They are hosting an informal information session on November 20th at 7pm. For event details, click here. And for more resources and ideas about getting involved, visit the LA Archdiocese resource page here.



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