October 17, 2018

Connect, inspire, change — our new website is making everything possible


We’re thrilled to welcome you to our new website that’s helping OneLife LA to grow. The new site expands our mission from a day in January (January 19, 2019! Mark your calendars!) to a year-long journey toward promoting universal human values and protecting human dignity everywhere.

Archbishop Gomez called this site a step forward in creating a “civilization of love”. You’ll be able to connect with us, be better informed about upcoming events and ongoing initiatives, and learn about what our community partners are doing to promote the dignity of the whole person.

Last January, 35,000 people gathered to celebrate and promote the dignity of all human life. This was a powerful witness to the pervading throw-away culture. With this new website, we will keep expanding our reach so that more and more people will stand in solidarity with the most vulnerable.

For example, our work with community partners year-round dignifies people in all walks of life. One partner, FosterAll, finds foster homes for kids, a service that is sorely needed. Did you know that they signed up 600 families to be foster families from our parishes last year alone? With new digital tools to better connect and inform, they, and many other organizations like 40 Days for Life , Catholic Charities, Family Promise will be able to grow their good work.

Bookmark this site to stay in the loop for our signature march on January 19th, 2019. Here you can register for the event, download flyers to prepare your parish and get involved with our community partners that are working to create a culture of life year-round.

And of course, we’ll continue to update our blog with news, inspiring stories, calls to action and more. Sign up for our newsletter to receive weekly updates. And thank you for being part of this mission. It’s up to all of us to answer the call and to make the “civilization of love” a reality.

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