• Patricia Heaton tells the truth to CBS

    Patricia Heaton is not only a wonderful actress. She is also a wonderful human being. After reading a news report about Iceland “eliminating” Down Syndrome through abortion, Patricia stepped up and spoke the truth:

  • The Church in LA is in need of your gifts!

    Join our bi-annual leadership event (dates below) to:

    • Network with people working in ministry throughout your community
    • Share great ideas and new initiatives that mobilize parishioners and help those in need
    • Get answers to questions and help with challenges of working in the…
  • Not your fault: 13 Reasons Why is not the awareness we need

    On March 31, Netflix released a new streaming show that has gained increasing attention among young people. 13 Reasons Why follows the story of Hannah Baker, a teenager who died by suicide. Before her death, Hannah secretly records thirteen cassette tapes of reasons she is taking her life, and…

  • The Best Signs at OneLife LA 2017!

    When OneLife LA participants come to celebrate life they don’t mess around. They come equipped with heartfelt messages, homemade signs, and compelling t-shirts to communicate their motivation for choosing love. We snapped some pics of the best signs and shirts at OneLife LA 2017. Take a look and get…

  • What Now?

    As the vendors packed up their tents and booths, stages were taken down, and cars full of happy campers emptied out of the Exposition Park parking lot; it would have seemed that OneLife LA 2017 was over. But in the hearts of every participant, something deeper was taking root….

  • Ten Highlights from OneLife LA 2017

    The rains broke. A silent field was filled with joyful cacophony. And LA encountered the most compelling reasons to believe that life is precious in the freshly face-painted families huddled together on picnic blankets, the proud stroller-toting mothers with #feminist 4 life signs, and tear-streamed faces hungry for hope…

  • How to get to OneLife LA at Exposition Park

    Getting to OneLife LA has never been easier! These are the different ways you can get to Exposition Park on Saturday, January 21st.


    There’s one major Metro stop (USC Expo Trousdale Station – USC/Expo stop) that drops you off within blocks of Exposition Park.

    If you take Metro from Union Station, you must…