Time until OneLife LA 2018!

Thank you for joining us for OneLife LA 2017. We look forward to seeing you on January 20, 2018!

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  • The Best Signs at OneLife LA 2017!

    When OneLife LA participants come to celebrate life they don’t mess around. They come equipped with heartfelt messages, homemade signs, and compelling t-shirts to communicate their motivation for choosing love. We snapped some pics of the best signs and shirts at OneLife LA 2017. Take a look and get…

  • What Now?

    As the vendors packed up their tents and booths, stages were taken down, and cars full of happy campers emptied out of the Exposition Park parking lot; it would have seemed that OneLife LA 2017 was over. But in the hearts of every participant, something deeper was taking root….

  • Ten Highlights from OneLife LA 2017

    The rains broke. A silent field was filled with joyful cacophony. And LA encountered the most compelling reasons to believe that life is precious in the freshly face-painted families huddled together on picnic blankets, the proud stroller-toting mothers with #feminist 4 life signs, and tear-streamed faces hungry for hope…