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  • Patricia Heaton tells the truth to CBS

    Patricia Heaton is not only a wonderful actress. She is also a wonderful human being. After reading a news report about Iceland “eliminating” Down Syndrome through abortion, Patricia stepped up and spoke the truth:

  • The Church in LA is in need of your gifts!

    Join our bi-annual leadership event (dates below) to:

    • Network with people working in ministry throughout your community
    • Share great ideas and new initiatives that mobilize parishioners and help those in need
    • Get answers to questions and help with challenges of working in the…
  • Not your fault: 13 Reasons Why is not the awareness we need

    On March 31, Netflix released a new streaming show that has gained increasing attention among young people. 13 Reasons Why follows the story of Hannah Baker, a teenager who died by suicide. Before her death, Hannah secretly records thirteen cassette tapes of reasons she is taking her life, and…